The Garvin Honey Company

Delicious, high quality honey in jars and tubs

Honey has been around for thousands of years.

It is one of the few completely natural, unadulterated foods available to the consumer. It is a healthy, energy-giving, natural food and there are as many flavours as there are flowers. 

The Garvin Honey Company has been selling honey direct to the consumer for over forty years and continues to offer a wide range of delicious, good quality honeys in jars and large tubs delivered direct to your door. 

If you like honey and consume a lot have a look at the description of the various types then choose one to suit your taste and order from a range of sizes in glass jars or plastic tubs. It will be delivered to you usually within days or, if you wish, we can send it as a gift to a friend.

A Price List and Order form are available to download at the bottom of the ‘About Garvins‘ page. Print it off and send in or call us on the phone.

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